Frequency conversion

Frequency conversion is a free online calculator for converting metric and imperial units of frequency. Conversion between hertz, cycle/second, revolution per minute (RPM), kilohertz
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hertz (Hz) - most popular and most used metric system unit of frequency. 1 Hz means once in 1 second. Unit is named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
cycle/second (cps) - unit of frequency. 1 cps is equal to 1 Hertz
revolution/second - unit of frequency. 1 revolution/second = 1 Hz
revolution/minute (rpm) - unit of frequency. 1 RPM = 0.0166 Hz
revolution/hour - unit of frequency. 1 revolution/hour = 0.000277 Hz
kilohertz - unit of frequency. Kilo prefix is a SI prefix, and means thousand.
megahertz - unit of frequency. Mega prefix is a SI prefix, and means million.
Frequency conversion